The 50m Pitch Shot

The 50m Pitch Shot

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This is often one of the most feared golf shots to the average golfer, it’s not quite a chip, and not quite a full shot. The dreaded in-between length!

What I have learnt in my years teaching is that their or no real swing thoughts or basic fundamentals used by many golfers when trying to hit this type of shot. They merely stand there and have an uncommitted swish at the ball, often catching the shot fat or thin as they decelerate on it.
Here are some basics on how to correctly master the shot!

  1. Weight positioned slightly on your front foot (60/40)
  2. Feet aiming slightly left of your target
  3. Ball placed in the middle of your stance

The Swing when Pitching

I like to refer to the pitch swing as a ‘U’ shaped swing and also the ‘L’ to ‘L’ swing. On the back swing, the club only goes as back until the shaft points straight up into the sky, and vice versa on the follow through. See the photo along side for an example. This should help and give you some sort of structure when your faced with your next pitch shot!