The Bump and Run

The Bump and Run

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This is probably the most important chip you will ever learn to play, especially around the links of Humewood!

What I’ve noticed lately, especially playing with higher handicap golfers is their love for a sand wedge or lob wedge.

Those two clubs are by far the toughest clubs in the bag to chip with! Around Humewood Golf Course, I rarely ever pull out my lob wedge, as it’s just not the percentage shot to play.

A bump and run chip played with a 7 or 8 iron is far more accurate and more consistent.

The execution of the shot:
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  1. Grip slightly down on the golf club, and ensure your grip pressure is light, 5/10.
  2. Feet positioned very slightly open, club square to you target line.
  3. Stance is slightly narrower, ball placed in the center of the stance; weight positioned 60/40 on the front leg.
  4. Posture on the chip is same as all other parts of the game, back should be straight and posture should be good.

Good swing thoughts to think of:
(The mental thing!)

  1. To make consistent and clean contact with the ball, ensure that the triangle formed between your forearms stays intact throughout the entire swing. (See the triangle formed by my forearms in the photo)
  2. To help you judge distance, think of the shot as a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio. In other words, you will fly the ball roughly 1/3 of the total distance to the hole in the air and 2/3 of the distance the ball should roll.

With these few basic tips you should be able to improve your game and shave off shots. For even more advice, come see me for an in depth chipping session around our newly revamped chipping area.