Can you get out of the Humewood Bunkers

Can you get out of the Humewood Bunkers

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The best method I’ve found to describe to my pupils on how to get out of Humewoods treacherous bunkers is quite simple. Merely balance a glass of wine on your club!

Most golfers when they setup to the ball don’t open their clubface up enough. The end results are as follows: either they blast it straight into the bunkers lip as they don’t achieve enough height or the club digs into the sand and they hit it ‘fat’.

Having the image of balancing a glass of wine on your Sand wedge or Lob wedge helps illustrate how open your club face should really be! Try the experiment at home in your backyard, take an empty wine glass and balance it on the end of your club. It will give you a good image to use next time you are stuck in the 6th hole green side bunker!

Important Factors to keep in mind

Two very important factors to keep in mind when opening your clubface are:

  1. Your aim needs to be adjusted, i.e.: you need to aim your body to the left of your target line as an open clubface is essentially aiming left.
  2. The more you open your clubface; the more bounce is added to the club. This is ideal if the bunker sand is soft, as the club won’t dig in too deep.
    • If on the other hand the bunker sand is very hard, you may end up hitting the shot thin.

If you would like a more in depth lesson on the ins and outs of bunker play please click here to book online, or contact me at the Humewood Golf Shop.