Constitution and Regulations

The Constititution and regulations are subject to change and all information should be checked with the Club manager or Management Committe to verify that all of the information provided is still current

Please contact the Humewood Golf Clup office in order to receive details of the Club Constitution

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Dress regulations

These Dress Regulations are applicable to Golfers and Non-Golfers

Smart Dress attire is expected on the course and in the clubhouse at all time.

While The Club is adapting to modern times, it is still considered important for members and their guests to maintain the basic standards of dress which are accepted at premier golf clubs throughout South Africa.

Over time, the dress code has been relaxed to accommodate our climate and to remove onerous restrictions, but it is necessary to set out a few reasonable guidelines to maintain the Club’s standards of decorum.

In general, it is expected that a smart-casual dress code is maintained, and that clothing is neat and tidy. By observing these few basic guidelines, the sense of occasion that is associated with playing golf at Humewood may be maintained.

The following is appropriate golfing attire for the golf course and driving range.

  • Shirts with collars & sleeves that should always be tucked in
  • Traditional long or short golf trousers with belt or clasp
  • Drawstring and cargo pants are not allowed
  • Traditional short socks may be worn with short trousers
  • Traditional golf hats or peaks to be worn with the peak forward
  • Short socks and anklets may be of any colour when worn with shorts
  • Closed Golf shoes with soft spikes
  • No denim fabrics allowed
  • Roll necks or new style crew necks are allowed (golf brands only)

Unacceptable On the Course and driving range

  • Football shirts, T-Shirts, or tracksuits
  • Shirts pulled outside of trousers or shorts (untucked)
  • Sports and beach shorts
  • Blue denim, cargo, or tracksuit trousers
  • Trousers tucked into socks
  • Drawstring and cargo pants
  • Golf shoes with steel spikes

Acceptable In the Bar Area/Lounge in Clubhouse

  • Recognised golf or smart casual wear.
  • Tailored shorts with a belt hoop and a fly may be worn.
  • Shoes / Trainers / Deck Shoes may be worn without socks
  • Smart jeans (No ripped jeans)
  • T-Shirt with a collar tucked or untucked

Unacceptable In the Bar Area/Lounge in Clubhouse

  • Waterproof Trousers
  • Caps, Hats
  • Sports and beach shorts
  • Cargo or tracksuit trousers
  • Plastic or Rubber flip flops/sandals
  • Golf shoes with spikes (Golf shoes with soft spike allowed)
  • T-shirts without collars

Dress rules may be relaxed in certain circumstances by the Club Captain or General Manager, in their absence, the Golf Director, the Team Captain of the day or the authorised event organiser.

A special concession will be given to small events at the Club and the seated area in front of golf club will be earmarked as the informal area for visitors and events.

Ladies Dress Code Regulations

  • The regulation dress code of the Women`s Golf Association of South Africa applies.
  • Fashionable golfing attire is encouraged but should be of a modest nature.
  • Garments with low necklines, bare midriff or made from denim fabric are not permitted on the golf course.

NOTE: Dress code will be relaxed during December Holiday Season

The management and staff are authorised to always enforce the dress code. Individuals not observing the above rules will be requested to move to the informal area or leave the premises.

Members shall always be responsible for their guests