Awkward Lies

Awkward Lies

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The Kneeling bunker shot

When you are faced with an awkward lie in the bunker, you have two ways of getting out. The first option is when you are faced with an extremely steep bunker lip. You have no other option, take your medicine and play out backwards.

If you are able to play the shot by altering your stance a little, why not experiment and try this out!

Here are a few tips to help you out a little:

  1. If you can put 1 foot in the bunker and only have to get onto one knee, you will have much more stability.
  2. If you are right up against the lip and have to get onto both knees, make sure you are very stable as not to fall into the bunker while swinging!
  3. Note my steep backswing picking the club up quickly, this will help lift the ball out your tight situation.
  4. The club needs to accelerate quickly through the impact area; if you decelerate you are likely to hit it fat.
  5. Keep your posture, if you lift up even a little, you will catch the shot thin.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to attack the flag on this shot, depending where the flag is situated. Try aim as close to your target as possible, but remember that your main goal is to get out of the bunker and give yourself a chance.