News Letter 14th November 2019






Here are the winners for the PAM GOLDING SERIES Wednesday competition, played on 6th of November 2019

The Pam Golding Series came to an end this past Wednesday with the winners being determined at the last game.

Congratulations to team BLT for winning the overall competition with team The Invisibles in 2nd and the 69ers in 3rd place.

The top 3 teams will now compete against Port Elizabeth Golf Club for the coveted trophy. The game will take place on the 10th of December- feel free to come and support our teams! 

1st: The Invisibles:- John Black, Rocky Reynolds, David Pitt, Ken Oosthuizen

2nd: Team Odds & Sods:- Bruce Wesson, Grahame Proctor, Theo Havemann, Pierre Moolman

3rd: Team Doc Ben:- Ben Ferreira, Patrick Grewar, Andrew Beer, Matthew Ferrey





Here are the competition winners for Saturday 9th November 2019

1st: David Clephane, 2nd: David Dampier, 3rd: Dickey Elliott, 4th: Peter Thompson 






So close yet so far away for our very own Erik Van Rooyen this past weekend at the Turkish Airlines Open. He had a phenomenal last round and after making the brilliant eagle on the last we thought that might have been his day. Unfortunately not to be but we are still extremely proud of his efforts. Tyrrell Hatton was victorious in the end after a six man playoff.

This brings me to my next point. Pressure! We have all had that awkward feeling over a 3 foot putt or last drive when there is only one in the game between you and your opponent. How does one deal with such pressure? When you are faced with this type of scenario, try to embrace the pressure instead of fear it. It is easier said than done especially if you know you cannot miss the 3 footer or your drive must be in the fairway. This pressure is the reason for our “yips”.

I unfortunately cannot give you the answer for this, but instead maybe a tip that can help you. When you feel that your situation is causing your hands and knees to shake, focus on a very different target. Change the mind set completely from the task. Example-if you have that 3 foot putt for the win, instead of looking at the hole, focus more on a spot a couple of inches in front of the ball and ensure the ball runs over that.


Kind regards

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