How to Spin a Chip

How to Spin a Chip

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Often you will see good players hitting great chip shots that take one hop and ‘bite’ stopping neatly next to the hole. Yes it does take some practice and good ball striking but there are a few secrets!

Firstly you need to keep in mind; professionals and good golfers tend to favour a more expensive golf ball. These golf balls have softer covers, are normally 3-piece and are more receptive to spin. I’m using the Srixon Z-UR S golf ball. You won’t get a rock hard entry level ball to ‘bite’!

The second key is a good high lofted wedge.  I use the new Srixon WG706 wedge. It has a forged head and milled face along with the newest groove technology. The milled face basically acts as teeth, and what do teeth do? They ‘bite’!

Now that you have the correct equipment, here are some pointers on how to execute the shot:

  • Setup with the ball slightly further back in your stance, weight on your left side
  • Lean your club-shaft forward
  • Grip the club lightly
  • Swing down on a steep angle, accelerating swiftly through the shot

Accelerate through the Shot!

Accelerating through the shot is perhaps the most important factor, as a faster club head speed through the shot will produce more spin.